Words and Character Art for a Fantasy Adventure Story.

Find here images of Aether Torrent characters. They are made by other people, as I cannot draw worth a damn. Maybe half a damn, but that's it.

"Commissions" are just that: paid artwork by people whom I typically meet in Artist's Alleys at nerd conventions. The file names contain the artists' respective DeviantArt or Tumblr pages, or their names where made available.

Artist-named sections are for ease of organization. Four or more pieces gets an artist their own section.

Would you like to contribute? By all means, let me know at : .

Commissions, Single

icon-commug4 icon-soltian icon-kaixju icon-river2 icon-madrupert icon-alyssatye icon-maqqy icon-ghostgreen icon-georgeobrooks icon-dogbomber icon-xmoonlitxdreamx icon-stephaniegladden icon-pugletto icon-onspire2

Commissions, 2+

icon-artkat icon-crystalkan icon-stephstober icon-emeraldwinter icon-shazzbaa icon-sabasse icon-lizfleming icon-emeraldwinter2


icon-psuedofolio icon-psuedofolio3 icon-psuedofolio4 icon-psuedofolio8 icon-psuedofolio7 icon-psuedofolio10 icon-psuedofolio2 icon-psuedofolio11 icon-psuedofolio13


icon-anushbanush3 icon-anushbanush icon-anushbanush2 icon-anushbanush4

Irma Ahmed

icon-aimo1 icon-aimo2 icon-aimo3 icon-aimo5

Sarah Combs

icon-queensimia1 icon-queensimia2 icon-queensimia3

Sarah Dill

icon-sarahdill icon-sarahdill3 icon-sarahdill5 icon-sarahdill6 icon-sarahdill7 icon-sarahdill8 icon-sarahdill9

Laura Duffe

icon-ohhicas1 icon-ohhicas2 icon-ohhicas3

Marianne Lauzon

icon-lalou1 icon-lalou2 icon-lalou3 icon-lalou6 icon-lalou9 icon-lalou10 icon-lalou11 icon-lalou12 icon-lalou13 icon-lalou14 icon-lalou15 icon-lalou16

Fala Lee

icon-fleebites icon-fleebites5 icon-fleebites6

C.R. Majors

icon-straya2 icon-straya icon-straya5

Allison Mulattieri

icon-amtori icon-amavani icon-amcirrus icon-amcirruswindtiger icon-amkarrun icon-amkarrun2 icon-amwindtiger icon-amklauser

Victoria Ranowieki

icon-vickorano1 icon-vickorano2 icon-vickorano3 icon-vickorano5

Lorraine Schleter

icon-figmentforms1 icon-figmentforms2 icon-figmentforms3

Jenny Son

icon-jsforeheads icon-js5

Jho Tan

icon-jttori icon-jttoric icon-jtavanic

Ngozi Ukazu

icon-ngoziukazu1 icon-ngoziukazu2

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