Chapters, Screenplays, and Art for An Adventure Story.

Here you will find each Aether Torrent episode screenplay, converted to PDF via the ever-useful PrimoPDF.

All were written with the help of the excellent freeware (yet now-defunct) MSWord plugin "ScriptMaker."

Why screenplays? For the longest time, I felt that TV animation was the best medium for the story, but my friends ultimately convinced me to expand into prose. Now that I see its merits, the screenplay series is on hiatus.

Where will the story end? I have some idea. Which format will reach it first? Even I don't know that...

Until then, enjoy, and thanks always for reading.

Season One -- Season Two -- Season Three -- Shorts

Season One

1). Tori's Treasure : Tori the thief and Avani the evangelic go about their respective businesses in the rich polis of Meddon. They cross paths in the archon's mansion just as an assassin from a foreign military catches up to Avani.

2). Avani's Enemy : Tori shows Avani around the Caravan's hideout and runs afoul of Addanc, her rival in banditry. The assassin Kreutzet aids police in finding the hideout, which leads to a multi-way confrontation.

3). Cirrus's Target : The girls fight their way out of Meddon while a shapeshifting air-element monster hunts for Avani. The duo safely enters the wilderness outside the city, where their pursuer is the least of their problems.

4). Addanc's Village : An ecological imbalance puts a small forest village affiliated with the Caravan at risk of predators. Tori, Avani, and Cirrus go there in search of travel food, only to aid the village and run afoul of Addanc.

5). Dorn's Monsters : The trio searches for transportation across the prairie in the form of giant local monsters. Addanc steals one such riding mount and hunts down Tori and company with intent to kill.

6). Rannom's Food : Tori, Avani, and Cirrus arrive in the remote polis of Rannom to find that its people are forced to make orichalcum, the vessel for Fire magic, instead of food. The party must unseat the criminals responsible.

7). Avani's Faith : Tori and Cirrus go in search of a Flora magic conduit with which to instantly re-grow Rannom's crops. Avani, staying as voluntary insurance that they will return, tries to teach Rannom about Elementism.

8). Tori's Home : Tori and company finally reach their destination, which Tori reveals to be her home polis. Addanc beats them there, however, and must be found before Tori can safely meet her mother again.

9). Tori's Mother : Karrun, Tori's adopted mother, plays hostess to the trio in her citadel. Avani and Cirrus suspect that Karrun may be behind the events in Rannom, but Tori remains faithful, which is just how Karrun wants it...

10). Karrun's Freedom, Part 1 : Avani relies on unlikely sources in an effort to better understand Tori. Meanwhile, Tori learns incriminating evidence about Karrun's involvement in Rannom, and must confront her about it.

11). Karrun's Freedom, Part 2 : Avani and Cirrus struggle to survive against Karrun's Air-elementalist agents. Karrun reveals her true nature to Tori, driving an irreconcilable wedge between mother and daughter.

12). The Party's Escape : Tori, Avani and Cirrus attempt to escape both Karrun and East Granbridge. Karrun's henchmen, along with Karrun herself, do not make it an easy trial.

Season Two

13). Naur's Gratitude : As the trio escapes across the gigantic Granbridge, Karrun contacts a powerful monster to capture Tori and kill Avani and Cirrus. Unbeknownst to Karrun, they meet another monster first.

14). Avani's Subtlety : The party visits West Granbridge, an overgrown village atop buried ruins, to retrieve Naur's valuable belongings. Avani struggles with her desire for evangelism as a foreign power invades the settlement.

15). Cirrus's Son : Cirrus forcefully takes Naur to a sports game to ease his fear of strangers while Tori and Avani research Naur's strange disc. Meanwhile, the party's trail is picked up by an unexpected relative of Cirrus.

16). Rilo's Weapon : An argument drives Tori and Avani to different parts of a suburb for some time alone. Tori meets an elementalist musician who wields a powerful guitar, while Avani meets an enigmatic Elementist priest.

17). History's Profit : The party needs money for necessities, and so they seek it by selling Naur's inventory in a history-themed amusement park. A recent enemy returns to hound them, however, and she isn't alone.

18). The Party's Path : The party meets a special-ops unit of elementalists on the way to a port city. Levanter and his forces, with Youdai among them, have destroyed the city and must be driven away.

19). Tori's Trust : The L-M unit brings the party to their supplier, a powerful Flora elementalist named Rin. Rin divulges classified information about the Nexus, which suggests that Karrun was right about Tori's friends...

20). Rin's Agents : Naur lies near death from a Flora-magic blood infection and the only way to save him is to steal Rin's cane sword. Tori, Avani, and Cirrus confront the L-M unit members, one by one, on the way to their goal.

21). The Craftsman's Work : In order to make "something rare" as a gift for her friends, Tori participates in a famous weaponsmith's dangerous commission process. Meanwhile, F-4 hunts the party on a mission from Karrun.

22). The War's Remnant : F-4 inadvertently awakens a horrible creature in a ketzalral temple hidden in a mountain. The party must destroy the monster before its purpose is fulfilled -- and save Tori from certain death at its hands.

23). Naur's Warmth : A rare and powerful Ice-element monster has smothered a village in snow. Naur, believing the monster to be a kindred spirit, seeks to befriend it against his friends' better judgement.

24). The Path's Divide : A disaster separates Tori from her friends. As the rest of the party re-assembles, Tori must deal with Karrun, who tries once again to sway Tori to her power.

25). Djittor's Treasure : The paths of Tori and her friends bend toward Djittor's ancient ruins as the Ninth L-M Unit acts on suspicions about Karrun. Some paths converge, and other paths end.

26). Abaoaqu's Will : An abomination of a monster awakens. It need only devour the adventuring party's minds to escape its prison. Who will survive?

Season Three

27). The Presider and the Scientist : The party must inform the Dornan government of Karrun's crimes, and goes right to the top to do so. The reception they receive is less than hospitable, and draws sinister attention.

28). The Thief and the Devout : Tori and Avani attempt to have a date in the city, but an enemy agent hounds them. Meanwhile, another agent of another foe seizes a holy opportunity to attack Cirrus and Naur.

29). The Sisters and the City : The famous Phoenix Sisters arrive in the capitol, to the consternation of the government. The party must chaperone two of the troublesome celebrities as Nexus spies move in the shadows.

30). The Wall and the Torch : The party pursues the kidnapped Phoenix Sisters to a megastructure which houses a secret Nexus train. They must rescue the twins before the elder phoenix destroys the city in her sorrow.

31). The Temple and the Guild : On Avani's 20th birthday, she and Tori visit two influential figures while Naur goes on a date with the phoenix twins. Shadowy men take advantage of their movements.

32). The Snake and the Tiger : Cirrus disrupts a political debate with an impromptu revelation, which leads the party to investigate a major political leader. Enemy leads to enemy, and the party's path takes a dangerous turn.

33). The Tunnel and the Sage : The party's respite in the capitol collapses as the Presider and his forces seek to kill them. Unexpected allies provide an escape route, but the will of the Presider will not be denied...

34). The Traveler and the Torrent : The party needs a Craftsmen member to help them escape Dorn, but Tori's former co-thieves are after him too. One stunning revelation leads to another.

35). The Lovers and the Angel : Tori and Avani have an important argument while the party's airship is made trans-continental. The Lesser Beast of Fire throws a deadly monster into the brief window of opportunity to attack.


1). On Lostland : Regarding the Lostland Peninsula of Dorn, the demographics and civic locales therein.

2). On Gods : Regarding the Four Gods of Elementism, their characteristics and basic purposes.

3). On Elementalism : Regarding the basics of elementalism, the elements and summoning requirements thereof.

4). On Raiza : Regarding raiza, the physical varieties and most basic social interrelations thereof.

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