Chapters, Screenplays, and Art for An Adventure Story.

Here you will find each chapter of Aether Torrent, converted to PDF via the ever-useful PrimoPDF.

I credit my friends with convincing me to expand into prose. The screenplays already constitute over two books.

Will these chapters be published in print? Someday, ideally, after completion and thorough editing.

Where will they end? I have some idea. I'll keep writing them as long as I am humanly able. Enjoy.

Aether Torrent

Chapter 1 : Two young women in two different cities evade their pursuers, then later settle themselves for moments of contemplation.

Chapter 2 : Tori works at the antique shop and suffers through retail hell with a customer. Avani arrives in Meddon and deals with a gate guard.

Chapter 3 : Kreutzet hunts for Avani's trail. Addanc and Tori, each solo, steal treasures at two different locations.

Chapter 4 : The thieves bring their treasures home, to different results. Avani searches for a place to begin work and is picked up by the creepy Archon Yenech.

Chapter 5 : Tori deals briefly with Addanc before heading to the Archon's mansion to steal a treasure. Paths converge as Tori makes a fateful decision.

Chapter 6 : Kreutzet presses his Air-element attack. Tori and Avani demonstrate their Water and Earth abilities.

Chapter 7 : Tori takes Avani back to the Company, and her room. Avani copes with her new living arrangement.

Chapter 8 : Tori and Avani duel with their respective philosophies. Kreutzet makes the ambitious police chief an offer; Avani makes Tori a different offer.

Chapter 9 : Multiple events unfold at once, leading to a battle above and below the street. Life-changing decisions occur and new paths are laid.

Chapter 10 : Addanc evades capture. Tori and Avani escape Meddon, delayed by police and hunted by a monster.

Chapter 11 : The duo heads north, discussing religion in the forest, as the wind tiger Cirrus follows them. Tori soon fights for her life against a kelpie.

Chapter 12 : Addanc heads to the village ruled by Grampus's sister. The party, seeking riding mounts, gets there first and volunteers to solve a deadly ecological imbalance.

Chapter 13 : Avani and Cirrus seek the source of the predator/prey imbalance while Tori stays behind with some village children. Both sides of the party encounter monsters.

Chapter 14 : Avani fights a colony of Fire-monster ants while Tori fights Addanc, even as a hungry Water-monster crab threatens the village.

Chapter 15 : The party seeks a faster ride to Granbridge and encounters a monster eagle. Meanwhile, a very large and well- behaved kiwi finds himself stolen by Addanc.

Chapter 16 : While Cirrus hunts bait for the monster, Tori and Avani discuss Avani's peculiar physiology. Addanc's presence makes a mess of everything.

Chapter 17 : Kurnung tells Meddon's new leader who's really in charge (and it's her). The party enjoys a peaceful stretch of travel until they discover a recently ruined polis.

Chapter 18 : A dangerous businessman has starved the polis of Rannom and forced it to make orichalcum in exchange for food. The party learns this and resolves to depose him.

Chapter 19 : The party invades the usurper's castle with help of the rightful ruler's henchman. The paths to his throne room are perilous.

Chapter 20 : Tori, Avani, and Cirrus overthrow the conquerors and reinstate the archon. Tori and Cirrus make ready to move on, but Avani feels that her immediate path leads no farther.

Chapter 21 : Tori studies into the night and determines how to keep Avani from staying behind. Avani eases into a less adventurous life, but the archon makes a new demand...

Chapter 22 : Tori and Cirrus go in search of a treasure in the forest, but they find something else. With no explanation for their departure, Avani can only trust in them, for Klauser's life hangs in the balance.

Chapter 23 : Tori and Cirrus hit a hidden ketzalral pyramid in the forest. While Cirrus fights the flamethrowing Keeper, Tori infiltrates, but an unexpected monster prevents an easy exit.

Chapter 24 : Back at Rannom, Tori and Avani combine their skills to revive the farmland. Elsewhere, Addanc and Salob approach Granbridge until a monster interrupts them.

Chapter 25 : Cirrus interrogates Sir Beau. The party arrives in Granbridge only to learn that Tori's contact was her mother, the Archon, and that someone had just tried to assassinate her.

Chapter 26 : The would-be assassin was Addanc, out to get even with Tori. Tori, emotionally stressed, hunts him down with her friends' assistance.

Chapter 27 : Tori's mother Karrun enters the stage, but the demands of the office force her to leave the party to her majordomo Somer. While showing the party the city, he reveals new and suspicious information.

Chapter 28 : Klauser escapes, preventing Somer from conferring with Karrun. At dinner, Karrun seems to implicate herself in Rannom's troubles, but Tori defends her mother's honor.

Chapter 29 : Tori tells her mother everything, which prompts Karrun to invite Tori to meet someone at an airport. With Tori away, her friends are in peril.

Chapter 30 : While Tori rushes home to confront Karrun, Avani and Cirrus go in search of a means to apologize for dinner. Assailants know exactly where to find them.

Chapter 31 : While Avani and Cirrus combat their assailants, Tori and Karrun have a fateful argument. Much is learned and lifelong decisions are made.

Chapter 32 : The party assaults the airport to steal a getaway airship with Tori's museum on board. Karrun and her minions block their path.

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