Chapters, Screenplays, and Art for An Adventure Story.

The world must be peopled. These are some in Aether Torrent.

(Some details reflect screenplay version only.)

Main Party & Allies -- The Nexus & Other Foes

Art Credits:

Irma 'Aimo' Ahmed, Allison Mulattieri, Planetofjunk, Psudonym, Lorraine Schleter, and Jenny Son.

Main Party

Torrent "Tori" Mariana

"Sometimes civilization is great. ... The proof is in rare things. Treasures."

Age: 22

Primary Element: Water

Conduit: A curved knife with a 9" (23cm) blade and navy blue carapite handle.

Physical: Athletic yet slim redheaded human female. 5' 9" (175cm) tall, not counting her hiking boots.

Bio: Perceptive, confident, quick in thought, decisive in action, and prone to casual swearing. A self-described atheist, Tori's main rule of conduct is "Don't be common," common being the sort of small-minded, short-sighted selfishness which she sees too often in humanity. Being rare, for her, means intelligence, empathy, big-picture understanding, and attention to detail. She strives every day to meet her own standard.

Tori's adopted mother trained many athletic, elemental, scholastic, and even musical skills into her, and Tori kept each of them sharp. Her ultimate goal is to create and curate a museum full of rare treasures, to show the world (and prove to herself) that life and people can rise above dull, nasty, brutish mediocrity. She finds it easy to justify the means to her goal, which usually involves "liberating" unappreciated treasures -- i.e. theft. She's good at it.

Likes: Treasures, travel, granola, epistemology

Dislikes: Clowns, wampyrs, tabloids, objectivism

Avani Lahar

"The root of all evil is treating anyone, even yourself, as a thing to be used!"

Age: 19 (recently 20)

Primary Element: Earth

Conduits: Several in sequence, most lately a piece of mythril-dense shell from a Great Tortoise.

Physical: Brown-skinned, dark-haired human female 5' 3" (160cm) tall. Superficially average in body type.

Bio: Kind, altruistic, diligent, and very devout. Avani earnestly believes that everyone would benefit from faith in the four elemental gods, to the extent that she willingly proselytizes a religion that neither requires nor requests evangelism. Still, she prefers helping and defending people to merely lecturing them. She believes her patron god deliberately brought Tori into her life, but why he would cross her path with such an open atheist has been quite confusing to her...

Though Avani is fully human, years ago her former temple elementally altered her body in a secret rite to "bring her closer to" her Earth-element god. Every part of her is highly durable and she possesses great strength -- and weight -- totally out of proportion with her ordinary appearance. Although she accepted it of her own will, Avani herself has no idea how exactly the rite was done, as she was unconscious for the duration.

Likes: Nature, cooking, the color green, geology

Dislikes: Guns, rudeness, Sky-Fatherists, loud music


"Concentrate on one thing and the rest of the world drops away, fears and all."

Age: 44

Primary Element: Air

Conduit: Her body, being an Air monster.

Physical: In her true form, a semi-feline creature with light-blue-on-white skin called a wind tiger. Her human form is tall and muscular (6' 2" / 188cm), built for power.

Bio: Imposing and brawny with a casual demeanor and a very direct-approach style of conflict resolution, Cirrus is not outwardly "feminine," yet she has a ferocious maternal instinct. Her children were taken by her former husband and employed as mercenaries without her knowledge. Cirrus would face any danger or make any deal to find them again, up to and including working for the Nexus, the very group that keeps them away from her. She simply judged that her odds of success were better if she joined Tori and Avani rather than capture Avani at the behest of the Nexus. (The fact that they reminded Cirrus of her cubs was a nice bonus.)

Her one desire is to find her children, but many frustrations have taught her to pursue them with patience and persistence. Neither quality is natural for her; if there's a problem, she likes to solve it fast and physically. In both human and wind tiger forms, her fighting style is pragmatic physical and Air-elemental brawling.

Likes: Fighting, flight, children, Naur

Dislikes: Name-calling, enclosed spaces, ketzalral, Levanter


"Blessed. Treasure. Ridiculous words to say about a monster."

Age: Unknown; youngish

Primary Element: Fire

Conduit: His body, being a Fire monster.

Physical: A lean, 6' (183cm)-tall male raiza, unique among his shark-like species for his red skin and green eyes. Shyness and a habitual stoop make him seem smaller than he really is.

Bio: Unlike Cirrus, who is a member of a naturally elemental species, Naur is a mutant, born elementally empowered in a sharklike species as ordinary as humans. He cannot swim; the touch of water burns him painfully. Years of abuse and prejudice for his appearance and power have made Naur reserved and agoraphobic, but he mitigates his fear by hiding in loose clothes and his large black cloak.

In spite of his fears, Naur has supported himself as a wandering merchant for most of his life, working bazaars and running secluded yet convenient item shops. The social contact it provided was psychologically safe; people "talk to the cloak, and the cloak does the talking," as he put it. Behind the cloak Naur could pretend to be normal, hone his patient civility, and even exercise a silver tongue on occasion.

Likes: Precision, politeness, money, dry toast

Dislikes: Prejudice, rain, rudeness, sales tax




Age: 5

Physical: A brownish dire kiwi (Apteryx maximus domesticus), a flightless bird the size of a horse, strong and domesticated. His saddle has a jointed handlebar section by which a rider can direct him.

Bio: Friendly, alert, and just smart enough to know how far and fast to run away when primal dangers such as fire and predators are near. If pushed by necessity, he can use his strong digging claws for defense. He is happy with his current ownership, though his size and appetite are occasional liabilities for efficient travel.

When not serving as the party's pack-mount and pet, he spends most of his time eating, sleeping, or preening. He is satisfied with that.

Likes: Bugs, worms, some fruits and vegetables, Avani

Dislikes: Thunderbirds, fire, indoor spaces, phoenixes


"Everyone thinks they can outrun a lurutt..."

Age: Unknown, middle-aged (for a lurutt)

Primary Element: Fire

Conduit: Multiple pointy orichalcum-tipped rock chisels.

Physical: A four-foot-nothing lurutt in sturdy adventurer's leather. Like the rest of his people, he always wears a neck covering.

Bio: A thick shell of loyal professionalism over an inquisitive core, more given to trusting superiors than exercising his own initiative. Tarassas enjoys serving the Dornan government as an elite elementalist agent; he sees it as repaying reliability with reliability. And so it distresses him when superiors selfishly use him as a pawn.

Once an adversary of the party, he devoted himself to their defense after he learned Tori's birth-mother was an old friend of his from his previous career as an archaeologist. Now he serves as their handler and advocate in the halls of power.

Likes: Tori, treasure hunting, fossils, fine leather jackets

Dislikes: Karrun, lying, strawberries, snakes

The Ninth L-M Unit

"Compared to Last Measure units, you’re nothing but well-armed children!"

Ages: Unknown, undisclosed, and "of a certain age"

Primary Elements: Earth, Air, Water

Conduits: War hammer, rod armlets, manriki chain

Physical: A blue-on-white male raiza, a giant hairy human male, and a matronly long-braided human female.

Bio: The most elite elementalists in the Dornan military are divided into Last Measure or "L-M" Units. The Ninth Unit has four members: loyal Tarassas (see above), chivalrous Green, massive taciturn Randall, and feisty graying-haired "Randall's Mother," who insists on that nickname. They've long served as a hidden line of national defense at a major transport hub.

The Ninth Unit crossed the party's path during an invasion by a foreign power. Although they repelled the invaders together and became friendly acquaintances, circumstances thereafter made them enemies. Later still, additional circumstanes brought the party and the Ninth Unit together to face a common foe, but the result...

Likes: Various

Dislikes: Various

Genbu Kameuji

Age: 50s

Primary Element: None; multiple proficiency

Conduit: Various

Physical: A shaven bear of a man, tall and broad and thick and bald with round spectacles.

Bio: Creative, intensely principled, and one of the world's foremost crafters of conduits -- such as Tori's knife. He is well known as one of the three heroes who once saved the nation of Dorn from invasion by a rival power. Despite Kameuji's wealth and fame, he treasures a quiet life of artisan smithing and stonecarving in a remote mountain town. He holds himself to very high standards of character and has no time for others who don't meet them too.

Among the few who do are the main party, to whom Kameuji gave refuge for a couple of days during their adventures. He offered a longer stay, but understood when they declined. They had their own goals to craft.

Likes: Weapons, nature, philosophy, peaches

Dislikes: Interruptions, creative block, uncooperative clients, telephones

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