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A Highly Abridged List of Things I Enjoy

Authors: Terry Pratchett, Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov, William Shakespeare

Print Comics: Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nausicaa, Transformers: MTMTE, A Bride's Story, Pluto, Transmetropolitan

Web Comics: Dumbing of Age, Sinfest, XKCD, Gunnerkrigg Court, Vattu, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

TV: Liberal and/or humorous news commentary, science (actual, non-alien), history (actual, non-alien)

Animation, Movie: Wall-E, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Secret of Kells, Tokyo Godfathers, most films produced by Studio Ghibli or directed by Mamoru Hosoda

Animation, Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (both), The Last Airbender (both), Ghost in the Shell (all), Steven Universe, Adventure Time

Video Game Series: Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda

Past Updates

1 November 2017: Two years after starting, the Aether Torrent novel's first draft is complete with Chapters 33 and 34. The final word count: just over 142,000. My next goal is to remove at least 22,000 words in the editing process. It will take a while, but I'll continue updating the site with commissions as I get them -- such as this pose of Karrun from Chapter 33. Until then, thanks for reading!

1 October 2017: Chapter 32, a long one, is now up. Getting close to the end. Enjoy!

1 September 2017: Today: Chapter 31, one of my very favorites, is up with new commissions from Otakon by new contributors xMoonlitxDreamx and Stephstober. Tomorrow: Happy birthday to me! Thanks for reading!

1 August 2017: Chapter 30 joins yet more commissions from Lalou: a scene outside Rannom and a shot of Avani and Klauser. Enjoy!

1 July 2017: Chapter 29 is up with new commissions of two scenes from Lalou and Avani by new contributor AnushBanush. Thanks for reading!

1 June 2017: Things are heading towards the end with Chapters 27 and 28. Joining them are commissions of Tori deep in study by River, and a color shot of Addanc and sketches of Tori by the great and returning Lalou. Enjoy!

1 May 2017: Aether Torrent is now ten years old. Happy birthday to the cast! Chapters 25 and 26 are up along with some headshots of the party by new contributor River. Thanks for reading!

1 April 2017: Chapter 24 is up, breaking 100,000 words. Draft first, edit later! Next month ought to have some commission art, but we'll see. Enjoy!

1 March 2017: Chapter 23 is up, taking the novel version's first draft over 95,000 words. I foresee a lot of scene-cutting and chapter-combining in my future, but completing the draft needs to come first, and the book has one arc yet to go. Thanks for reading!

1 February 2017: Chapters 21 and 22 are up, and every chapter has gone to a more unified manuscript format. There's also another new commission of Tori and Avani by Straya. Enjoy!

1 January 2017: On this, the fifth anniversary of the site, Chapter 20 joins the others! In later drafts I might break the chapters in other places, but for now the system works. Also, there are six new commissions: one of Naur on a holiday card from RobotLyra, and five from my own sister: some group images of the main party, and a couple groups of the supporting raiza Kurnung, Reska, Salob, and Grampus. Thanks for reading!

1 December 2016: A triple-size update: Chapters 17, 18, and 19 are up! No commissions this month, but there should be some next time. Enjoy!

1 November 2016: Chapter 16 is up with a new image of Cirrus from new contributor Dogbomber. Thanks for reading!

1 October 2016: Chapter 15 has joined all the rest, which have been given another edit-dusting. The Illustrations page now has a new artist, Figmentforms, who did four amazing pencil portraits of the main party. Enjoy!

1 September 2016: Chapter 14 is here (just in time for my birthday) along with three new commissions, one from the great Lalou and two from the also-great Fala. Thanks for reading!

1 August 2016: Chapter 13 is up, and now all twelve previous chapters have had a comb-through edit for general improvement. There has never been a better time to start reading! And in addition to that, there are two new commissions over in Illustrations, courtesy of Lalou, whom you may recall did the site's side images. Enjoy!

1 July 2016: Chapter 12 is complete, as is a new image of Tori and her luggage from Jenny Son. Also, in the process of regular editing, I've combed the first three chapters free of a few tangles and some unnecessary exposition. They read better now, I feel. Thanks for reading!

1 June 2016: Chapter 11 is up, and future commissions are in progress. Enjoy!

1 May 2016: Chapter 10 joins the rest, and new commissioned artist Artkat has delivered a group photo of the three main ladies. (Naur is likely holding the camera.) Thanks for reading!

1 April 2016: In addition to two new chapters, 8 and 9, there's a new Illustration from Pickles: Avani with her backpack, never before depicted. Enjoy!

1 March 2016: No new illustrations this month, but there are two new chapters. Thanks for reading!

1 February 2016: Chapter 5 is up along with another illustration, this one of 13-year-old Tori by Pickles. Enjoy!

1 January 2016: A big update for the site's fourth anniversary! There's a brand new section, Chapters, which includes non-screenplay prose that will eventually become a novel or few. There are four chapters now! There's also some new work by Lalou and Pickles in Illustrations. Enjoy both, and thanks for reading!

1 December 2015: Friends convinced me to edge Aether Torrent into prose, and so I did just that! The first chapter of whatever it will become is up in Episodes. Furthermore, over in Illustrations, Pickles drew the first and likely definitive image of bit-part villain Sir Beau. Enjoy both!

1 November 2015: Episode 35 is up with the other episodes, along with further illustrations from Psudonym, Pickles, SaBasse, Straya, and Jamie Jennings. Thanks for reading!

1 October 2015: Episodes 3 and 4 of the Shorts are up, alongside four new commission drawings from Lalou, VickoRano, RobotLyra, and Pickles -- the last of whom now has her own section. Enjoy!

1 September 2015: One day before my birthday, Episode 34 of the series and Episode 2 of the Shorts are both up, as is a new image of Addanc by Sarah Dill. Thanks for reading!

1 August 2015: First: I've begun a new feature, Aether Torrent Shorts, which are two-minute asides featuring character interaction and worldbuilding. Second: There are now seven new art commissions by Lalou, Psudonym, Georgeo Brooks, Liz Fleming, Amy Lee, Madeline Rupert, and Ngozi Ukazu. Third: The site now has a random side image, drawn by Lalou and coded by the site's codemaster Emily Harris. Enjoy it all!

1 July 2015: Episode 33, a sort of "half-season finale," now stands among the rest. I also have a new character sheet of Tori from the amazing Lalou. Finally, a recent word count revealed Aether Torrent pushed over a quarter-million some time ago, so good for me. Thank you for reading them!

11 June 2015: While episode 33 takes shape, VickoRano and Psudonym drew a few new commissions for the Illustrations page, and I did some touching-up to the Cast page. It now features several other major characters, and the villains have been split into their own page. Enjoy!

1 May 2015: Episode 32 has joined its fellows, and an image of Cirrus's wind tiger form has flown in from long-time contributor Lyra. Thanks for reading!

5 April 2015: There are five new commissions up, by return artists Psudonym and Sarah Combs and new contributor VickoRano. Enjoy!

15 February 2015: Episode 31 is now complete and may be found with all the rest. Thanks for reading! And as a bonus, Psudonym drew a crossover with The Legend of Korra.

9 December 2014: Four new commissions are up, one of which depicts a particular moment out of episode 18. Thanks go to Psudonym, Sarah Dill, new contributor Mindwipe, and especially the very patient Pugletto.

2 November 2014: Seven new illustrations have come courtesy of artists Irma 'Aimo' Ahmed, Psudonym, and SaBasse. Enjoy!

12 October 2014: Episode 30 is now up where episodes may be found. Thanks for reading!

17 September 2014: The school year has resumed, but that won't stop updates when needed. Two new pictures by Psudonym, artist of the new webcomic Cassiopeia Quinn, are up! And I would also like to congratulate my good friend Emily, creator of this site's code, on the recent birth of her son. Welcome to Earth, new baby.

13 August 2014: Otakon is over, and I've returned with a good lot of new pictures from artists Fala Lee, Psudonym, Kaiju, and Ngozi Ukazu. Enjoy!

22 July 2014: A long time in coming, Episode 29 is now up where episodes may be found. In addition, enjoy a new image of Avani and Cirrus, courtesy of Sarah Dill, author of the webcomic Distillum. Thanks for reading!

5 July 2014: First: Drawings! An amazing Cirrus by Pugletto, and Tori reading by Psudonym. Second: Housekeeping! I completed my annual comb of the entire series for editing/clarity errors and corrected the few that I found. With that done, I can focus more on Episode 29. Thanks for reading!

31 May 2014: Four new commissions are up: Levanter by Fala Lee, Avani (and Naur) by Psudonym, and Tori and Avani by Sarah Combs.

24 May 2014: School's out for Summer, which means I have time to spare again! Episode 29 is taking shape and a few commissions are on their way. Until then, enjoy a new image of Naur from Psudonym and a new page in the World section, Technology.

23 February 2014: Episode 28 is up where episodes may be found, having successfully fought its way into being. Enjoy!

24 November 2013: Season Three has finally begun with Episode 27! Thanks for reading.

3 November 2013: Half a dozen new commissions are up where commissions go.

19 September 2013: Drawings of any Aether Torrent characters make me happy, and a new one by one of my favorite comic art people is no exception.

10 September 2013: A week after I return from DragonCon, I finally have time to share a couple commissions of Cirrus in the Illustrations. The school year is back, so work has resumed in earnest, but more Aether Torrent will come in its time.

14 August 2013: I've returned from Otakon with seven new art commissions available in Illustrations. I've also added some pictures in the Cast page: Addanc and F-4 finally! In other news, Season 3 requires further refinement in concept. Episode 27 will be done when it's done. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

30 June 2013: While episode 27 and plans for Season 3 take shape during summer employment, enjoy a new illustration: Cirrus and Naur, by the immensely skilled Aaron Alexovich of Serenity Rose fame.

20 April 2013: There are a couple new illustrations to show, one of Avani from Psu and one of Avani and Tori from my very good friend Jenny. I have also brushed up some of the wording in the World pages, but that's a lesser point compared to pictures.

1 April 2013: Episode 26 is complete, and with it, Season Two. It has been a long time in coming. Will there be more episodes after this? Yes, in the fullness of time. Until then, enjoy. Thank you for reading.

3 March 2013: While episode 26 gradually takes form to my satisfaction, enjoy this commissioned piece of Karrun by Psu, who did one of Tori not long ago.

2 February 2013: A miniature update: my friend Emily, who redesigned this site, has continued to class up the place by upgrading the Illustrations page with a lightbox function.

31 January 2013: Episode 25 is complete. Only one more to go before the season is complete. Certain demands of work may delay it, but it will come in its time.

1 January 2013: This site launched one year ago today, and in celebration of that occasion, here is Aether Torrent episode 24. There are only two episodes left in the "season," and I am taking my time refining them. Thanks for reading!

17 December 2012: Episode 23 is complete. You may also enjoy an associated picture of its guest character by one of my good friends. I'm saving Episode 24 for a special occasion in two weeks. Watch this space.

25 November 2012: A tiny update, but one with which I'm very pleased: Psu, the webcomic artist of note, did a commission picture of Tori. If you've come from Tumblr (or elsewhere), welcome!

15 November 2012: Episode 22 is complete. There are also a couple new illustrations to be had, courtesy of convention artists.

14 October 2012: Episode 21 is complete. Caution: may contain metaphors. Also fixed the bad link to Episode 20. I'm getting the hang of HTML5 bit by bit.

29 September 2012: This is just to say, episode 24 is already complete -- because in order for me to progress with 21-23, I simply had to write it first. I'll still release the episodes in order, so eventually there will be a rare double-update. Until then, enjoy HP vs. MANA. It's a video game concept which, despite being written by me, has nothing to do with Aether Torrent.

2 September 2012: Happy birthday to me. I'd like to thank my friend Emily for bringing this little website into HTML5.

1 August 2012: The Illustrations page has been updated with several new drawings. Future script updates may be slow(er) due to the impending start of the Oklahoma school year and some reworking of the second half of the second season.

17 July 2012: Episode 20 is complete. Heavy on action. Enjoy! Also, Otakon is coming up, so I may well have future commissions to show.

12 June 2012: Enjoy Episode 19, less than a month after the previous one. This counts as a roll for me. In celebration, enjoy a preview of the new logo for the upcoming site redesign.

20 May 2012: Episode 18 is out. Perhaps even more importantly, this site will be undergoing some serious renovations in the near future. It's well past time that it joined the 21st century Internet.

16 April 2012: Episode 17 is completed, and much better for the revision. Enjoy!

2 March 2012: Finally found enough gaps in work to complete revising episode 16. And just in time for Mass Effect 3. Whew.

1 Jan 2012: Turned the depository of one writer's barely interesting effluvia into a dedicated Aether Torrent site. Welcome!

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