Words and Character Art for a Fantasy Adventure Story.

Jack Duffe, the author of this site and its contents, is full of hope for the world. That makes him a fool, but a pleasant one. You may contact him here : .

Specifically, the author is a liberal secular progressive humanist from the state of Oklahoma. It can happen! He would like to apologize to the United States for nearly every politician to come from Oklahoma during his lifetime.

He is also a teacher. In the event that students or employers who know his first and last name find their way here, they will find nothing that he is embarassed to share with the Internet. He is sorry to disappoint them.

He will now stop speaking in third-person.

A Highly Abridged List of Things I Enjoy

Authors: Terry Pratchett, Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov, William Shakespeare

Print Comics: Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nausicaa, Transformers (all IDW work by James Roberts), A Bride's Story, Pluto, Transmetropolitan

Web Comics: Dumbing of Age, Sinfest, XKCD, Gunnerkrigg Court, Vattu, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

TV: Liberal and/or humorous news commentary, science (actual, non-alien), history (actual, non-alien)

Animation, Movie: Wall-E, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Secret of Kells, Tokyo Godfathers, most films produced by Studio Ghibli or directed by Mamoru Hosoda

Animation, Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (both), The Last Airbender (both), Ghost in the Shell (all), Steven Universe, Adventure Time

Video Game Series: Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda

Past Updates

1 July 2018: After constructive rejection, the work continues! Additional updates will come as events warrant, such as with new commissions. Luckily, there's one to show: a portrait of Avani by longtime friend Maqqy!

1 June 2018: Aether Torrent is now in a good enough shape to seek agent representation for publishing. In celebration, here's a commission of Avani from the esteemed GhostGreen, and an absolutely outstanding group image of our heroes from Lalou! Also, though it breaks my heart to do it, I've removed all the illustrations of characters not appearing in Book 1, so as not to confuse newcomers. The imagery will return someday, I'm sure.

1 May 2018: Happy May! Work progresses. That is all.

1 April 2018: While the beta is being beta-read, enjoy this image of the protagonists by AnushBanush!

1 March 2018: Progress update: The work is Done, and in the hands of beta readers. Stay tuned!

1 February 2018: Progress update: The manuscript is now below 116,000 words with a couple more chapters to finish editing to my satisfaction. Done is much better than Perfect, of course, but it's simply not yet Done. It is, however, within reach. Persistence pays!

1 January 2018: Getting closer to done with the editing. In the meantime, here's a new image of Tori by AnushBanush again! You can also catch some lore and character information on the Aether Torrent Twitter and Tumblr accounts!

1 December 2017: First, a new image of Cirrus by returning artist AnushBanush! Second, you may have noticed some changes! With the completion of the first draft, and the editing process under way, I've decided to take down the screenplays and main text in preparation for eventually submitting the manuscript to agents whose job it is to deal with it further. Their work will be aided by not having a free early-draft copy online, so down it goes. I will keep updating with commissions and news, however.

Thanks for reading, and please look forward to future developments!

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