Words and Character Art for a Fantasy Adventure Story.

This site contains text and images for Aether Torrent: a party-based action-adventure fantasy novel currently being edited down from a first draft of ~140,000 words.

I started writing Aether Torrent in May of 2007 simply for the amusement of myself and my friends. Ten and a half years of refinement and half a million words across various versions later, here we are.

So, what's the story about?

Tori, an atheist who makes a living by stealing treasures and working retail, wants to turn her black-market boss's ill-gotten treasures into a legitimate, life-affirming museum. Avani, a devoutly religious fugitive blamed for her temple's violence, wants to evangelize safely distant from the influence of her temple's zealots. The girls' paths cross, and they help each other fight their way out of their respective bad situations. Tori then claims to have a distant contact -- the identity of whom she keeps to herself -- who can grant both of their wishes.

Over the course of one week, Tori and Avani travel between city-states and wilderness. They are joined by Cirrus, a flying, shape-shifting tiger woman who once hunted Avani but had a change of heart. The party battles other monsters and helps other people on their brief journey. All the while, they race time; if they take too long, more of Avani's pursuers will find them, and Tori's "museum" treasures will disappear before the world can appreciate them like she does.

Magic exists in their world as a natural force. Ordinary people wielding the proper tools can draw out elements of the omnipresent aether and use them to supplement the world's early-20th-century technology. Those who do so frequently are called elementalists.


1 February 2018: Progress update: The manuscript is now below 116,000 words with a couple more chapters to finish editing to my satisfaction. Done is much better than Perfect, of course, but it's simply not yet Done. It is, however, within reach. Persistence pays!

1 January 2018: Getting closer to done with the editing. In the meantime, here's a new image of Tori by AnushBanush again! You can also catch some lore and character information on the Aether Torrent Twitter and Tumblr accounts!

1 December 2017: First, a new image of Cirrus by returning artist AnushBanush! Second, you may have noticed some changes! With the completion of the first draft, and the editing process under way, I've decided to take down the screenplays and main text in preparation for eventually submitting the manuscript to agents whose job it is to deal with it further. Their work will be aided by not having a free early-draft copy online, so down it goes. I will keep updating with commissions and news, however.

Thanks for reading, and please look forward to future developments!

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