Scripts, notes, and pictures for an adventure cartoon concept.

This site contains text and images about Aether Torrent, my concept for an animated television program.

I started writing Aether Torrent in May of 2007 for the idle amusement of myself and my friends. Seven years and two hundred thousand words later, I'm still refining it (with long pauses for more gainful employment as a teacher) because it is fun to do.

So, what's the show about?

Three (and later four) strangers meet and travel across an island continent, their path governed by a young woman's desire to amass rare treasures for a museum she hopes to build. Despite occasional personality clashes, the party relies on each other for friendship, their respective goals, and defense against mutual enemies, which they have an unfortunate tendency to collect.

Magic exists in their world as a natural force. Ordinary people wielding the proper tools can draw out elements of the omnipresent aether and use them to supplement the world's early-20th-century technology. Those who do so frequently are called elementalists.

Each one of the traveling friends is an elementalist, and each would gladly use his or her skills for the aid and defense of the others. Adventure, monsters, and occasional philosophy await them all.


23 February 2014: Episode 28 is up where episodes may be found, having successfully fought its way into being. Enjoy!

24 November 2013: Season Three has finally begun with Episode 27! Thanks for reading.

3 November 2013: Half a dozen new commissions are up where commissions go.

19 September 2013: Drawings of any Aether Torrent characters make me happy, and a new one by one of my favorite comic art people is no exception.

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