Screenplays, chapters, notes, and art for an adventure story.

This site contains text and images about Aether Torrent, my concept for an animated television program, as well as an ongoing novel version.

I started writing Aether Torrent in May of 2007 for the amusement of myself and my friends. Nine years and some 320,000 words later, I keep writing it (with long pauses for more gainful employment as a teacher) because it's fun.

So, what's the story about?

A party of friends travels across an island continent, their path governed by a young woman's desire to build a museum of rare treasures. Despite periodic personality clashes, the party relies on each other for friendship, respective goals, and defense against mutual enemies, which they have an unfortunate tendency to collect.

Magic exists in their world as a natural force. Ordinary people wielding the proper tools can draw out elements of the omnipresent aether and use them to supplement the world's early-20th-century technology. Those who do so frequently are called elementalists.

Each of the traveling friends is an elementalist, and each would gladly use his or her skills for the aid and defense of the others. Adventure, monsters, and occasional philosophy await them all.


1 July 2016: Chapter 12 is complete, as is a new image of Tori and her luggage from Jenny Son. Also, in the process of regular editing, I've combed the first three chapters free of a few tangles and some unnecessary exposition. They read better now, I feel. Thanks for reading!

1 June 2016: Chapter 11 is up, and future commissions are in progress. Enjoy!

1 May 2016: Chapter 10 joins the rest, and new commissioned artist Artkat has delivered a group photo of the three main ladies. (Naur is likely holding the camera.) Thanks for reading!

1 April 2016: In addition to two new chapters, 8 and 9, there's a new Illustration from Pickles: Avani with her backpack, never before depicted. Enjoy!

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